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Egg fried rice

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Chinese


  • 1 chicken fillet
  • 2 portions of rice eg jasmin rice
  • 2 eggs
  • Soy sauce


  • Start by slicing the chicken in thin stripes so that it takes less than five minutes to cook in your frying pan. Plus, if the portions are big it will weigh itself down to the bottom of the dish. We obviously don’t want this, but instead we aim at finely chopped ingredients that will mix well together.
  • You can boil the rice at the same time if you are into multi-tasking.
  • Then get a non-stick frying pan (or your wok if you are that cool :P) and cover with oil ( I prefer olive oil), just enough to cover don’t allow your ingredients to swim in it. Heat it up and when the oil is hot throw in your chicken pieces. We need the oil to be hot so that it sizzles the meat, seals it and keeps it moisture and full of flavour. Keep an eye on your chicken and turn to cook each side for a couple of minutes. Since the oil is piping hot and we have small portions it will all cook super quickly. Put the meat off with soy sauce and you are ready. You can now set it aside.
  • Get rid the excess oil from the pan and pour in just a bit more. Add the eggs. Salt and pepper as move with a spatula just the way you make scrambled eggs. Make sure you cut in smaller pieces and set aside.
  • Your rice should also be ready by now. Back into a clean frying pan, this time on medium heat, stir in the cooked rice. You don’t want the oil to be too hot, you will end up with something similar to popcorn. Simply sizzle, add a bit more soy sauce for flavour and colour.
  • Next comes the cooked chicken and egg. Follow with any vegetables you like. Chop them finely and add them in raw.
  • Ideally we want the proportion of rice to the rest of the ingredients to be 50-50. Personal preference for vegetables is half a finely chopped onion, a tomato (seeds off) and a few steamed peas. Corn and mushrooms also go well.