Wolves of Kitchen, Ornos, Mykonos

 Taking meat eating to the next level

There are few places that you walk in and make yourself immediately at home. Wolves of kitchen is one of these rare eateries: modern and atmospheric with leafy patios, large wooden dining tables and comfy chairs, a hip bar for cocktails and a wonderful fridge from where things get rolling. Wolves of kitchen is the place to go for serious meat lovers.

I walked into Wolves of kitchen in Ornos at dusk last week, eager to meet the owner and creator Alsi Sinanaj. A refreshing breeze was gently passing through the patio to calm the summer heat of the day. Even if I was there for an early dinner, I could feel the healthy buzz from the front patio sweeping into the bar indoors and the fridge and cellar that was dimly lit towards the back. The wolves were preparing for yet another busy night.

Alsi greeted me with a soft smile and a warm welcome. He has been working as a chef for a good 12 years. There is no better school than hands on kitchen experience. Alsi sizzled his culinary skills in well-known Myconian restaurants and famous Athenian kitchens; he jumped off to Miami, Venezuela and back in Europe to Munich, Athens and of course Mykonos. His love for Peruvian, Japanese and Cantonese cooking has stayed with him and so are the true and simple flavours of Greek cooking. The distillation of such a remarkable career can be enjoyed at Wolves of kitchen, Alsi’s first restaurant at Ornos.

In Wolves of kitchen you will find some of the best and rarest cuts of beef: Rib-eye steaks, juicy flap steaks and flavoursome flank steaks just to name a few. Black Angus beef from Creekstone farm is not to be missed, from T-bone steak to Tomahawk and Prime ribs, it’s all there. You can accompany it with refreshing salads as well as classic sides, such as potato puree, (the fluffiest I have ever tasted). The highlights of this restaurant are the dry-aged cuts, patiently maturing in the wolves’ fridge for 95 days. One of the few places in Greece you can actually find such a delicacy.

What I really loved about this restaurant? The original meat concept is underlined by delectable sauces and fine marinades that bring up the natural flavours of beef. When thin, succulent tiradito slivers lay comfortably on watermelon cubes and are dusted with feta, you know you are in for a surprise. A perky orange pepper sauce to the side of this starter makes your taste buds explode.

My dry-aged steak, cooked medium-rare, left the most district citrusy aftertaste. This steak was never meant to be tasted alone though. There is a butterbean miso sauce, hiding in a small pot to the side, that has no equal. Greek greens could not be missing either, vlita, were buttered tempura style just to add another level of texture. My only advice for your visit: make sure you keep some space for dessert! I tried an egg-free crème brulee with melon and watermelon. So summery and refreshing, I couldn’t have completed my meal a better way.

With a short and astute menu, the only thing that will take more time to choose is the signature wolves’ cocktails. When in Mykonos, make Ornos your pit-stop. As we say in Greek a day by the sea-side make you as hungry as a wolf. You will find no better place to satiate your hunger, quince your thirst  than Wolves of kitchen.

From Mykonos with love,


PS A huge thanks to Alsi for the hospitality. You can find his amasing work here.

Check out the facebook page:  wolvesofkitchen

For reservations call here:  22890 23529

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  1. Frankie Beane says:

    What a beautiful restaurant. Love the name of the restaurant too! I see some Brasilian influences there too–probably from Miami. Enjoyed the picture of Alsi with his tools over his shoulder.

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