White Peach Smoothie

Fruit during summer are at their best. Watermelons, melons, grapes, figs and peaches…you name it! I have been enjoying basket loads of them. Normally just as they are, chilled from the fridge and cut in tiny bites so I can nibble on them no matter what I am up to. I made a delicious white peach smoothie, read on!

This white peach smoothie is the simplest of simple smoothies, all you need is the fruit and a food processor, ice, and a tiny bit of vanilla. If you are a regular here on the blog you know how keen I am on easy recipes and a huge fun of seasonal ingredients too. Smoothies, however, never made it on the blog, not until now at least. The reason is quite simple, there is hardly a recipe behind it.

If you are a blender devotee, a 5-a-day fruit/veg aficionado you already know how easy it is to put together a delicious and refreshing drink. If you are not that fussed, just try to add a smoothie into your routine, it does make for a great breakfast. Once you get into the habit, it will certainly become the go-to snack when filling peckish. There are several types of smoothies too.

Straight forward smoothie

It’s just fruit! Any fruit, chopped, juicy, delicious by themselves. Please don’t go bananas on butters/chocolate/ sugar – this is a milk-shake, you are entering dessert section. Ripe fruit have enough sugar by themselves, it’s best to eat them up as they are. If you need it to be sweeter just add a bit of honey, I live by Greek thyme honey. There are excellent natural sweeteners out there. Just to name a few: coconut palm sugar, grape molasses, agave syrup. Personally, I’m a stickler with honey.

The green smoothie

The green smoothie is where you enter Shrek territory: spinach, kale, celery all nice things green in a glass. I always used to joke about it with my better half, he still doesn’t drink it without bringing up slime similarities, he does drink it though, and here is your 5-a-day in a glass! Just try it. It is a great way of using up the extra salad leaves or the celery that never made it into the stew.  Check more on zero waste kitchen.

Smoothie bowls

Taking it from meal in glass to meal in a bowl, smoothie bowls have made our IG days way more colourful and I hope nutritious too – because that’s the whole point behind them. They are creamier than ice crushed smoothies, thus are best served in a bowl. These bowls come in infinite combinations and it’s a great way to introduce nutritious seeds into your diet. Good things to add: chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseed, spirulina. My favourite bowls normally come from wonderful Dana, known as the minimalist baker

Back to the white peach smoothie: it is so simple and delicious, it’s certainly going in your favourite list, yes it tastes really great. I wouldn’t be sharing otherwise!

White Peach Smoothie

  • 3 white peaches (chopped)
  • 1 tsp of thyme honey
  • a tiny bit of vanilla pod or a splash of vanilla extract
  • a handful of ice
  1. Chop your fruit and add in the food processer with the ice and honey.
  2. If using a vanilla pod, cut a couple of cm, slit it open along its length and scrape out the sticky seeds with the tip of your knife. If using vanilla extract just add a tiny splash.
Modern European

Enjoy chilled, as all smothies! Do you have favourite smoothies? Is it a bowl? Is it green? Let me know in the comments.

from Athens with love, 


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