It’s been a week…

The first week so far has been hot, really hot! Temperatures here are anything above 35°C and I beginning to remember what real Summer weather is. Thankfully, you’re never far from the sea here so I’m not completely frazzled. So far, I am spending my time relentlessly catching up with family and friends from old times. Along with unpacking a lot of boxes and suitcases! When I need a break, the best thing ever are traditional Greek coolers: Watermelon is a huge winner right now. watermelon The first chance I get, I think I might go for some extra special foraging in the abandoned garden next door. I’ve spotted some free-range grapes amongst the undergrowth. free range grapes And did I mention the cats? Free-range as well. I think we are hosting 3 different families this year. Here’s on of the mums with her kittens, these are our regulars: kittens One of the little fellows found himself locked in the house for the night and gave me a really good scare. He was trying to propel his little body through the front door window. The closed front door might I add. Light as a feather, you could just hear faint thumping noises, very much like someone trying to sneak into the house. At least that was what it sounded like to me, half asleep at 3 o’clock in the morning. The little thief didn’t steal anything, but his persistence went a long way! Opening the door for the poor soul didn’t make things any better. I must have scared him half to death, because he immediately disappeared under the sofa. We were playing hide and seek for a good half hour. Finally he saw his chance, that, yes, the door was open – and he made a bid for freedom! This is the very brave Zorro who comes to share breakfast (and lunch and dinner). The rest of her family is tucked safely away, somewhere out of sight. A much more charismatic and engaging feline. When our doors and windows are shut to keep the AC in, Zorro can be found on the window sill checking us out. free range cat And as you have already guessed, I’ve been too busy eating to share any recipes with you yet. Watch this space though because something is cooking!

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