Beans, carrots and mushroom stew

hearty winter warmers

beans, carrots and mushroom stew

The weather is timidly getting a tad more wintery in Athens. We have officially entered December and I just cannot bring myself to do any Christmas decorating. I guess it’s a little too sunny. I am very happy working my way through hearty stews though. I think I nailed a very nice one with beans, mushrooms and carrots, part of my competition challenges for the Vima food blog awards, think humble ingredients. Continue reading

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Vima Gourmet Food blog awards – I am in!

Vima foodblog awards 2015

You have perhaps noticed a bit of upheaval in my social media lately. There is a competition, quite a big one! It’s the first food blog awards organised in Greece. The initiative and organisation of this competition is taken up by the creative team in Vima Gourmet, one of the most popular food magazines in Greece. Continue reading

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