QUEEN OF TARTS… (Off with that slice!)

chocolate rasberry tart @eatyourselfgreek

I promised you dessert last week. And I kept my word… I know the Lent has officially started so…apologies in advance. A couple of weeks back in London, I didn’t really have to try hard to convince Eugenia about my choice of dessert.  Uttering words such as: “chocolate, tart, with ganache and raspberries” was a quick and easy sell. “Get on it”, she said. I was only happy to oblige.

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chocolate rocks

the easiest chocolates you will ever make

chocolate rocks @eatyourselfgreek

Hardly a soul on earth has been offered chocolate and said meh. You might like it thick and runny as in chocolate lava cakes and rich brownies, flavouring fluffy sponges paired with cream and fruit or the plain old chocolate bar to give you that energy boost. Now how about crunchy chocolate rocks? Nuts and chocolate, a combination to fall in love with. It is the easiest chocolate you will ever make. Continue reading

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Greek junk food

One silly post

Greek junk food

I decided to start the new Year with a very silly post: my top 10 of Greek junk food. Tiny little packets of shiny foil and colourful lettering stucked orderly on supermarket shelves, it can be very tempting. All the little sinful bites that you will never acknowledge for their nutritional value yet they find their way in your shopping basket. In case you are following the blog for the incredibly healthy Greek dishes, apologies, this one time I will disappoint you. It’s all very unhealthy but there are some fun videos of old commercials too. Continue reading

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