Thoughts and recipe on mayiritsa

Traditional Greek Easter dishes

mayiritsa @eatyourselfgreek

There is one Greek dish that can easily claim the prize of the most controversial of all dishes as far as Greek cooking is concerned. It’s a soup, it has plenty of greens, we enjoy it during Easter and it has a secret ingredient that could make you squeamish. For those in the know, you have already guessed the dish: mayiritsa! For those new to the dish, just name five animal organs you have never seen on a plate: Bingo! Continue reading

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Lamb fricassee, brothy goodness

Ever felt lost for what to cook next? I often get stuck repeating easy dishes and neglect some culinary gems. I was discussing what to prepare for dinner with my other half when lamb fricassee slipped out of the memory cupboard. This cold weather is calling for heart-warming dishes and fricassee is a classic.

There are so many recipes for fricassee out there, hardly a Greek dish I thought. Having a closer look you can see most of the recipes have chicken or other white meat, some even use rabbit. And all of them include a mix between onion, celery and cream. Greek culinary genius has adapted the method and here is what we have come up with: fricasse with lamb and lettuce, garnished with egg-lemon sauce. This is my mama’s recipe and a classic in the repertoire of all Greek mamas. It’s one of the foods you will be making again and again once you try it.  Originally cooked with wild greens, romaine lettuce is now a set feature. The goodness of greens and zestiness from the lemon will lift your spirits on any rainy day.

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Do you remember dolmadakia? Well, now the cold weather has set in, I thought I’d tell you about our winter version as well, ntolmadakia made with cabbage! We call them lahanodolmades, which we smother with avgolemono, a super yummy egg and lemon sauce that adds a zesty finish to the dish.

This is one fussy recipe, I have to warn you, but immensely rewarding! Just make sure you have a couple of hours to spare to prepare it properly – perfect for a lazy Sunday in the kitchen.


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