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I am Eugenia, the girl who stirs the ladle and clicks the shutter behind every recipe you find at Eat Yourself Greek. Food and drink in Greece are the essence of your being, it’s the social life and the manna of all interaction.

My love for food didn’t exactly come at an early age. I was around when grandma was cooking but mostly to steal a bit of dough and make a fuss of all the shiny things that were hiding in the kitchen cupboards. There was a time you had a very fussy eater.

Well, the fussy eater now knows what it likes and how to make things taste good, feel good and also look good. Cooking is both a hobby and a solace because when you are far away from home and perhaps a little bit homesick, that’s what connects you to your roots, to memories you hold dear but most importantly it’s what empowers you to make new memories and have new stories to tell.

I chose Greek cooking, traditional Greek recipes put to the test not through the passing of time and Greek cooking wisdom but the solid experience behind the kitchen counter. That’s why all the recipes you will find are in metric, every cup and every spoonful of it. Yes, of course, you can eyeball it. I encourage you to experiment but when you want a mouth-watering recipe that will come together again and again, check here. They will never fail you.

I am very fond of the lesser known, homely Greek dishes. You will find moussaka and you can also check out how to make your own gyros souvlaki but stews you would have mostly tasted as a guest to a Greek household rather than in a tavern. Oh, yes and you can nail that tsoureki plaiting, I admit it’s not always easy business.

My love for Greek cooking did become noticed and I have received much more love than I expected. In 2015, Eat Yourself Greek received two blog awards for Best Greek Cooking in English by the prominent Greek food magazine Vima gourmet, one from the editors and another one from its audience. In 2017, CNN travel featured me in its article 5 Greek food blogs you should follow.

My love for good food can only match my love for photography. I am currently working as a freelance content creator, combining my love for recipe development, food styling and photography. If you would like to have a sneak peak at my work, have a look here.


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