Two posts in a day! Wow! I decided to flex my photography outside the kitchen cupboards.
Inspiration is from the wordpress photography 101 course. I hope I will manage to keep up!
So today it’s all about the street. I found myself, quite predictably, in the weekly farmers market. It pops up in every Athens’ neighbourhood once a week. Farmers bring on wonderful fresh produce to the capital from the country. I have tried to take some more shots of the market during summer, but I ended up laughing so much with the stall sellers teasing and joking, none of my shots could remotely show how vibrant and wonderful the market is. Also, the market is territory for some hardcore granny action. The ladies are very determined to grab their veg and go, nothing can get in their way! So, it can get a little hard to navigate around and take pictures among the hustle and bustle. Here is the sneaky pic:

athens market

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6 thoughts on “Street

    • Eugenia says:

      It was pure luck lili! If you stop for 2 secs, you can well be swept along with the grannies’ shopping. I should try shooting early in the morning. As for the stuff, it’s really exceptional! I come back with some extremely juicy oranges 🙂

  1. Mandi says:

    I love the laiki, but I have learned that I am no match for a determined Greek granny intent of grabbing the last of the good quality, low price wild greens. My advice is to wear sturdy shoes that will stand being trampled or run over by trolleys!

    • Eugenia says:

      Perseverance Mandi! it’s the only way to make it through the trolleys and come out unharmed with a bag of greens! 😉 I have been practising.

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