Little blissful moments

Milos sunset, Greece
Bliss is best found in those tiny little moments we tend to ignore as we rush to  the next thing. Having come back to Athens after some years abroad, I feel half tourist, half at home. Life is busy and old things sometimes feel so new. I was browsing through the many photos my iPad contains and here are a few that brought up the warm fuzzy feeling that tells you life is good. I managed to limit myself to five little blissful moments. They come complete with their stories too. So, here we go:

1. I was walking back to the metro after a trip to the dentist. Not quite my favourite thing to be honest, I was in a bit of a mood, but as I lifted my head up in the bitterly cold morning, this is what I saw:


The Parthenon, standing tall, watching over the city and who am I to complain about a trip to dentist?

2. I have to admit I am a dog person. I grew up with dogs and every time I see a stick I feel like running along to catch it myself! I certainly share their naivety but then here I am, carrying bags from the supermarket back home, stopping on a bench to rearrange the hefty load. When this little thing comes along:


Meow, meow, meow, meow….

Meowing incessantly, it climbed onto the bench with me and left paws all over the iPad. Cats being friendly? who would have thought of that? I didn’t know what to do with the kitty, I just went along with the strokes!

3. Because nothing beats house chores when it comes to spoiling a day’s fun, I chose this photo:

little boat

Laundry on the deck!

As you can guess there are dozens of marinas along the southern coasts of Athens. This one is just 10  minutes walk from home. You get huge super-polished yachts sitting there, being all smug and sparkling, but you can turn around to see this tiny little boat with clean laundry perfectly arranged, drying on a gentle breeze. Bliss! I think I am going to print this one and hang it above my washing machine.

4. Of course dessert. I am currently boiling these little fruits, making preserve. It’s a bitter orange, classic Greek-style spoon sweet and the smell in the house is better than the buds of a blossoming tree:

bitter orange

Bitter orange turned sweet

The recipe for neratzi/bitter orange should come up in the next couple of days.

5.  And finally the blossoming tree, because spring is on its way:


Fear not, spring is on its way

Spring is certainly on its way, no matter how tall the buildings towering over these blossoms.

Hope this left a cheeky smile on your face. Do you have any blissful moments to share? Tiny precious scenes as you walk to work or about town? I am pretty sure you do, so please feel free to share your links and comments.

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