Essential Greek Easter recipes guide

Easter is coming

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Easter is one of the heartiest celebrations for Greeks. It shows especially when we gather around the table. I put together a quick guide with the essential Greek Easter recipes.

So what’s the fuss about Greek Easter? Well, we celebrate it more than Christmas some might say. Spring weather is already in full bloom, it signals our first BBQs and of course large family gatherings. If you want to find out more about Greek Easter traditions, you can head here.

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Lamb is definitely the star of the show to our Easter gatherings. I haven’t got a post for lamb on the spit as this is  hard to find outside Greece, but there are many lamb recipes you can enjoy.

Our roast lamb, for our Sunday best, together with lemon and oregano baked potatoes.

Kleftiko, lamb with vegetables and feta wrapped in filo.

Exohiko – lamb from the countryside

Mayiritsa recipe, our evening meal that breaks the 40 days lent. If not at ease with all the weird part, lamb fricassee makes an excellent substitute.

If you are not too keen on lamb worry not. Kontosouvli makes a great alternative for gatherings.

For the adventurous there is always gyros that you can make at home.

Together of course with pita bread to wrap it in, or dip it in any other delights you can think of.

Greek pita bread @eatyourselfgreek


Now here is a section to make you jump for joy. Our Easter is celebrated not with any ordinary cake but with tsoureki. Tsoureki is a bread, almost like brioche and amazing for breakfast the morning after Easter or actually any time of the day. I have the simple recipe and a slightly more extensive one with short videos on how to braid your tsoureki.

tsoureki sweet bread @eatyourselfgreek

Along with the traditional Tsoureki, you can have a go at the Chocolate tsoureki as well – it is divine!

Chocolate tsoureki @eatyourselfgreek

Koulourakia could not be missing. Our Easter biscuits are a delight.

We often go for galaktoboureko – a Greek custard pie, with syrup. This is a bit trickier, so make sure you have time on your hand if making for the first time.

and my all time favourite dessert – kataifi, trust me it tastes 10 times better than it looks!

kataifi @eatyourselfgreek

I’m wishing you a very happy Easter, to all near and far. I’m off to make some chocolate tsoureki. Stay tuned!

from Athens with love,


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