Courgette flowers, stuffed with feta and yogurt

Courgette flowers

As you might have guessed I was duly stuffing my face with courgette flowers for lunch the other day!

I visited the local farmers’ market which is held once a week in every neighbourhood. In my neighbourhood, it is rather large and takes up something like 6-7 blocks, maybe more. There is a lot of fresh produce, a bit of fish and other paraphernalia for the house. I am very proud for my courgette flowers.

the precious cargo!

Now the courgette flowers. I cooked them on the fly whilst they were still as open as you can get them.

It’s the male courgette flower that you use before it actually becomes a courgette. Best picked straight from the plant, or failing that, bought from the market! And so, I grabbed a dozen.

There are two recipes for courgette flowers, the casserole one and the quick one. It was too tempting to resist and I only made the quick fry version.

And here is what I did

I made a filling with a mix of feta cheese (150gr), yogurt (100 gr), dill, mint and one egg. After cleaning the flowers – stems have to be removed, very carefully –  I stuffed them, rolled them in flour and ta da!

courgette flower - stuffed

in the pan!

ready to eat courgette flowers

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