If you are following the blog since the beginning, you know I started food blogging in 2014.

eugenia makrogianneli @eatyourselfgreek

Ever since I have developed, along with my marketing skills, excellent photography skills as well.

I work with firms to establish their marketing needs and create content that’s valuable to building their brand.

I also do recipe development & recipe testing. I am currently working on my first collaboration with a small US based publishing house for their cookbook, both for recipe testing & photography. It’s my first big project, and I cannot hide you, I’m both proud and excited about it.

pork tigania @eatyourselfgreek

This blog, acts as a live portfolio. You can get a solid idea of my work, not all is included though.

You can have a look at my food photography portfolio following the link below:


For collaborations, please do not hesitate to get in touch through my contact page, here.