Odysea, my first food blogging collaboration

an odyssey in food

There are many things I love in food blogging. The joy of making good old Greek recipes and immersing myself in cherished cooking smells, capturing light and showing off Greek dishes, that, to be honest, are not always the most photogenic (think of dark sauces and layers of moussaka entering the challenge spectrum). I love chatting with my readers (you, yes, you!) about recipes and tips, your take and your tries on Greek and Mediterranean food. In my food blogging adventure, I am certainly in very good company. Today, it’s about one of my friends, Odysea, a UK based company, and our joint food odyssey. Continue reading Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramby feather

Greek junk food

One silly post

Greek junk food

I decided to start the new Year with a very silly post: my top 10 of Greek junk food. Tiny little packets of shiny foil and colourful lettering stucked orderly on supermarket shelves, it can be very tempting. All the little sinful bites that you will never acknowledge for their nutritional value yet they find their way in your shopping basket. In case you are following the blog for the incredibly healthy Greek dishes, apologies, this one time I will disappoint you. It’s all very unhealthy but there are some fun videos of old commercials too. Continue reading

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All hail Greek cuisine (except the ‘icky’ bits)

I love my food. More to the point, I love good food made from fresh ingredients thrown together with a dash of Mediterranean flair. I love food prepared with care and passion. I love a dish loaded with vibrant flavours and even more vibrant colours. Little wonder my first year in Greece was marked by an extra ten kilos, in part thanks to kindly new friends and their little (and not so little) plates of hospitality. Continue reading

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My top 10 of Greek dishes

Courgette flowersI grew up with Greek tastes and smells, savouring simple grills, crunchy greens, lemony stews, milky puddings and had cinnamon tickling my taste buds. When you grow up with something, you tend to cherish it. But when you visit a place how much can you really discover? I made a top 10 of some perhaps not too well-known Greek dishes. Continue reading

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Top 10 souvenirs from Greece, foodies only

top 10 Greek productsDo you have the habit of bringing a little souvenir back home from your holiday? I certainly do, normally something small, easy to carry and full of flavour. Now, I can imagine you coming to Greece, lazing on that sun-bed with a book at hand, enjoying the sea breeze and savouring amazing food. There is nothing better than taking back home a bit of this flavour along with your holiday snaps. Continue reading Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramby feather

Say cheese, the best of Greek cheese

Greek cheese

Did you notice I used 3 kinds of cheese in my mini cheese pies a while back? I am sure you have heard of feta and perhaps Greek gruyere, a mild yellow cheese. But this is the tip of the iceberg, Greeks are avid cheese lovers. According to 2011 statistics, the average Greek consumes 23.4 kg of cheese per year and of course one quarter of that is feta. But feta really is just the beginning. You are guaranteed to find something unique whichever part of Greece you visit – we have approximately 64 different types and we sport 21 cheeses with Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO).

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