Chickpea bake

chickpea bake

Greeks and chickpeas make a weird combination. Every time I mention pulses to most of my Greek friends, their minds swiftly travel to flatulation. And mentioning chickpea soup is a sure way to become their instant enemy – we all have memories of our hungry tummies having the so-called wholesomeness of chickpea soup imposed upon us, rebelling against the sloppy broth and yearning for dry and tender beans.

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Lentil soup, winter warmers

traditional Greek lentil soup

For simple pleasures on a cold day, what could be better than soup! Especially with something earthy and heart-warming like lentils. Traditional Greek soups are light, brothy affairs. They are very simple, combining only a couple of ingredients and often putting pulses in the spotlight. As a kid, I always thought of soups as a cold remedy. Well after spending a few years in the cold and wet of London, I now know a little better and definitely enjoy a comforting bowl of lentils with a touch of vinegar.

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National day, national food: fasolatha, the Greek beans soup

fasolatha, Greek bean soup

Here in Greece the 28th of October commemorates WWII. Surprisingly enough this date marks the beginning of the war, when a loud NO met the Italian ultimatum of surrender, rather than its end. Sentiment against the occupation was so strong the day was commemorated even during the war years. Nowadays, it is celebrated with a military march in Thessaloniki and many unofficial school parades.  It’s a celebration and a reminder of bad times never to return and the hope that no one will have to face the hardship of war. Continue reading

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