Tortilla, a recipe from Galicia


It probably comes as no surprise that my closest friends love food almost as much as I do. My friend Veronica is a massive foodie and there is no dish she makes that I haven’t asked for a second helping. She is also responsible for this wonderful aubergine bake that has found its way on the blog. Today though she is sharing her experience from Compostella, Galicia whilst in quarantine and her own comfort food: tortilla!

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Bulgur wheat dolmathakia

a short guide on preserving fresh vine leaves

Vines, so many reasons to love them. For the juicy grapes in August, the aromatic wine that warms up our souls and the abundant shade in our gardens as we stay outdoors to cool down from the summer heat. Of course, there are dolmathakia too, stuffed vine leaves, a mezze to die for. Continue reading

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Greek potato salad

The simplicity of Greek cooking

If you were to search for a potato salad in the world wide web, you would find yourself tangled in a long list of recipes with a million and one variations. The Greek potato salad however, in its traditional version, is a humble and simple dish. Perfect for the BBQ season that here in Athens was official started with Easter. Let’s go make it. Continue reading Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramby feather