Let’s have a tuna sandwich

Cool recipes for hot people

tuna sandwich @eatyourselfgreek

From the Earl of Sandwich fast forward to Metcalf’s empire, our desperate need for comfort food and the meagre 15 minutes of lunch break (even when working from home), are shouting out at us: give me a sandwich! I hereby present the best tuna sandwich filler you have ever tried! On sourdough obviously…

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Nourish bowls, all weather recipe ideas from Athens


nourish bowls

Have you met Eleni from the Foodie Corner? If you have a slow cooker you absolutely must, her website is a treasure trove of authentic Greek recipes as well as easy and nutritious modern recipes. She takes Westley, her wonderful golden retriever, out for walks too. She is sharing her experience of lockdown and a super nutritious solution no matter how busy or not: nourish bowls, healthy, filling and oh so versatile!

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Greek pita bread

What makes Greek souvlaki so unique, juicy grilled meat aside, is, of course, the pita bread. The Greek pita resembles very much the Arabic flatbread, but unlike them, our pita breads are leavened. Their taste is neutral and pita are soft and flexible so that it can wrap around the grilled meat and tzatziki or home-made gyros I made last week. The best part about pita bread? It’s the easiest bread you will ever make. Continue reading

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