Tsik tsik, quick summer dishes

a recipe from Mia Kouppa

tsik tsik, summer vegetables with eggs

Do you remember Helen & Billie from Miakouppa? I found a delicious Greek summer dish from their family recipes that was just perfect for a quick summer lunch. It goes by the name tsik tsik, yes it’s a weird name I know, but it’s bursting with summer flavours, it’s all the summer veg plus eggs: tsik tsik!

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Nourish bowls, all weather recipe ideas from Athens


nourish bowls

Have you met Eleni from the Foodie Corner? If you have a slow cooker you absolutely must, her website is a treasure trove of authentic Greek recipes as well as easy and nutritious modern recipes. She takes Westley, her wonderful golden retriever, out for walks too. She is sharing her experience of lockdown and a super nutritious solution no matter how busy or not: nourish bowls, healthy, filling and oh so versatile!

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Chickpea stew with wild fennel

a recipe by Despina Siahuli

If there is anything I enjoy more than cooking, then this would have to be photo shooting. Being in London, I didn’t miss the chance to meet up with lovely Despina Siahuli, the chef behind Pan. Despina welcomed me in her East London kitchen and we spilled the beans of what it is like to be living in London, how much of Greek sunshine does she keep in her kitchen cupboards and of course, can you really cook authentic Greek food abroad? So, she cooked, I took the snaps and we enjoyed the best chick pea stew I had ever tasted. Chickpea stew with wild fennel. Continue reading Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramby feather

Spanakorizotto, a recipe from Mazi Restaurant & a giveaway

I visited Mazi restaurant a few weeks back when visiting London. It certainly left an impression on me, it was not just the excellently grilled octopus or the devilish jars of yumminess. You rarely find Modern Greek cuisine so imaginative and so well executed. Drawing inspiration from traditional Greek dishes, at Mazi restaurant you will find great cooking technique and also great atmosphere to enjoy them. Of course, for anyone already acquainted with the restaurant this is old news. The exciting part is they have collected all their best recipes in an amazing new cookbook, called Mazi: Modern Greek cuisine. There is spanakorizotto recipe below along with a book giveaway for one lucky reader. Continue reading Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramby feather

Giant beans bake, gigantes plaki

Greek classics

gigantes sto fourno @eatyourselfgreek

There are some recipes that are so simple, you never give them a second thought. Giant beans bake, gigantes sto fourno is just one of these. In all the time I have been blogging, I never thought of bringing this Greek classic into the list. Here we are though: giant beans bake – gigantes plaki, a super easy recipe. Continue reading Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramby feather

Festive beetroot salad with pistachios and herbs

during hols we need a light meal, too 😉

Coming so close to Christmas, there is an insane amount of present wrapping and organisation to do. Christmas cards come and go, phones buzz, bleep and ring to arrange meeting up with loved ones before, during and after the holidays. So many glittering lights around to gaze at, so much fuss around the Christmas table. I am sharing a festive beetroot salad, quick and easy to please and impress. Continue reading Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramby feather