To Limani and a few words on Greek fish taverns

 palaia Fokaia Greek fish taverns @eatyourselfgreek

I have many friends who visit Greece for holidays. More often than not this would be an escape on the islands, be it glamorous Mykonos, romantic Santorini or a chilled road-trip to the Peloponnese. Of course Athens will be kept for the prized city break of winter sun. If you are a first timer you are certainly going to keep yourself busy in the center, hopping from museum to museum and strolling in the center of Plaka. But what do Athenians do on their weekend?
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salt cod with garlic mash, aka bakaliaros skordalia

  Greek fish and chips


So cod, we love it. Wrong, we don’t just love it, we absolutely adore it but for some reason we only have it once a year in all its glory: fried cod, with beetroot salad and skordalia, a garlic sauce to send all vampires away. It is cooked and enjoyed on our national holiday 25th   of March, Greek independence date. Continue reading

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