If you are a carnivore like me you certainly appreciate juicy, mouth-watering flesh. So far, I’ve written about wonderful Greek grills as well as the hearty roasts. For a meat lover choosing between a roast and a grill is most likely a win-win situation. But this post is about the best of both worlds, braising. And a very succulent recipe in particular: Youvetsi! Continue reading

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Soutzoukakia from Smyrna

Super meatballs in red sauce

When my friends taste soutzoukakia for the first time, it is love at first mouthful. If you’ve tried soutzoukakia too, you’ll know what I mean. That’s why they are top of my list of traditional Greek dishes. The secret to this recipe lies in the way soutzoukakia cleverly combine middle eastern spices to their best. Continue reading

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