A hearty meat soup, from Brno


beef soup with orzo

Anastasia, like me, is another Greek foodie abroad. You might have come across her blog before, dolmadaki.gr it is a treasure trove of traditional, homely Greek recipes. Although in Greek, but fear not, there is a youtube channel and you need not a word of Greek to understand and make the recipes. She made us the homeliest Greek soup: beef soup with orzo. Read on to see how she fairing from Brno.

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Spaghetti bolognese, Makarónia me kimá

quarantine diaries, comfort food & all the small things that keep us going

I promised on my last post to make a mini series of posts with your culinary experiences and the small things that keep us all going during these crazy times. I think I should go first with my comfort food: spaghetti bolognese or Makarónia me kimá.

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Cottage pie, cooking with friends

cottage pie

January has given way to February and despite the tentatively longer days, it’s still freezing in London Town making everyone sink into their scarves while praying for Spring. With the weather being so cold and of course wet (ugh!), it’s still comfort-food time. And when one of my favourite people (and favourite food blogger!) is in town for even more exciting projects (food photographers of the world be very scared!), it goes without question I grabbed the opportunity to cook for Eugenia and have my food feature in and be photographed for Eat Yourself Greek. Wouldn’t you??? Continue reading Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramby feather

Stuffed Quince

 meal fit for a feast


Stuffed quinces is a recipe walking a fine line between celebratory cooking and obscure medieval grandeur. Quinces, a somewhat awkward fruit, seem to be enjoying a timid comeback on food bloggers’ social media feeds and to be honest I am excited. Cooking with quinces will make you squeal with joy if you are into sweet-n-sour dishes. Stuffed quinces have a unique, elegant taste, certainly fit for a celebration. Continue reading

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