Market musing

 I’m delighted that Eugenia has invited me to write a guest blog to share an insight into my life in Kritsa, a village in the east of the Greek island of Crete.

Together with my husband, Alan, I enjoy life ‘at home’ in Kritsa, a traditional village on the Greek island of Crete for several months each year. We vary the times of the year that we visit, and the length of our stay to enjoy different seasons, festivals, and events. We love to explore the area, sometimes via our small 4×4, but more often by walking in the mountains, over plateaus and through gorges. If we are in Crete during the height of summer, most days include a few hours on one of the many beaches. Continue reading

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All hail Greek cuisine (except the ‘icky’ bits)

I love my food. More to the point, I love good food made from fresh ingredients thrown together with a dash of Mediterranean flair. I love food prepared with care and passion. I love a dish loaded with vibrant flavours and even more vibrant colours. Little wonder my first year in Greece was marked by an extra ten kilos, in part thanks to kindly new friends and their little (and not so little) plates of hospitality. Continue reading

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