Coffee, Iced Coffee

I strongly believe our lives, or at least mine, would be miserable without an ice cold coffee. The past week of summer in London reminded me of sweet warm mornings. The mornings when you walk outside to the garden and feel a gentle warmth on your body. There is no need for a cardigan and an iced coffee will do just fine.

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A Refreshing smoothie for the new year and the castle of Lindisfarne

Pear & green apple winter smoothie

Lindisfarne castle @eugeniamakrogianneli

This is a quick post to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I hope 2020 found you in wonderful company and that you shared some great food with your loved ones. I indulged myself with a little road trip here in the UK. The route took me up north and I visited the castle of Lindisfarne, just off Northumberland coast. There is also a delicious and very refreshing winter smoothie with pear, green apple and orange juice that I enjoyed whilst editing the pictures.

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White Peach Smoothie

Fruit during summer are at their best. Watermelons, melons, grapes, figs and peaches…you name it! I have been enjoying basket loads of them. Normally just as they are, chilled from the fridge and cut in tiny bites so I can nibble on them no matter what I am up to. I made a delicious white peach smoothie, read on!

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