Lavender semolina pudding, Layali Lobnan – nights of Lebanon

6 years of Eat Yourself Greek – who would have thought?

Once a year I think it’s a good time to have a round up and see what you have been up to. I’m naughty, I skipped one, but hey, there is no one judging and it’s a really good opportunity for celebration, I feel I need it more than ever: Layali Lubnan, lebanese nights for dessert! 

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Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Thessaloniki


Chryssa and I met at Meteora, for an amazing truffle hunt a long long time ago. It almost seems like an eternity and a day. We still keep in touch within busy schedules and I am so happy she is sharing her chocolate chunk cookie recipe here on the blog. She is an amazing baker!

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Greek honey

If there is anything that makes our life sweeter, this is certainly honey. I have a very soft spot for this golden delight. It sweetens my breakfast spreads, brightens up my yogurt pots and gives substance to any salad vinaigrette. Let alone all the scrumptious honey-syrup desserts. Honey is the perfect little touch that makes everything taste somewhat better. But how much do you really know about honey?

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Diples, Christmas honey rolls

Have you ever spent Christmas in Greece? Well, then youcertainly have come across these three sweet treats: melomakarona, kourabiethes and last but not least díples (thee-ples). Díples, the Greek word for fold, is a light and crispy fried dough topped with walnuts and a generous drizzle of honey syrup. There is an easy recipe below so you can make your own díplesthis Christmas!

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