On Christópsomo traditions & a sourdough with fennel seeds & walnuts

Christópsomo, literary the Christ’s Bread in Greek, is a fragrant, festive loaf, a tale of abundant harvest shared on the Christmas table. From the islands to the highest mountain peaks of Greece, each region enjoys its own variation. Below I’m sharing my own, not very traditional Christópsomo, it’s a sourdough loaf with walnuts and fennel seeds.

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Marilena’s Greek feta cheese bread

feta cheese bread @eatyourselfgreek

Are you a bread head? I think I am almost converted. The sourdough has settled into its weekly routine but there are still so many breads you can enjoy.  From beautiful focaccia’s to quick chapatis and pita bread, there is a tone of differnet one’s to try. I longed for a cheese bread and my dear friend Marilena Leavitt had just the recipe for it: quick feta cheese bread. 

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Greek pita bread

What makes Greek souvlaki so unique, juicy grilled meat aside, is, of course, the pita bread. The Greek pita resembles very much the Arabic flatbread, but unlike them, our pita breads are leavened. Their taste is neutral and pita are soft and flexible so that it can wrap around the grilled meat and tzatziki or home-made gyros I made last week. The best part about pita bread? It’s the easiest bread you will ever make.

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tsoureki braiding

with lots of tips


Greek Easter is here and I have thrown myself into a tsoureki making frenzy. Every household has a favourite recipe to make these sweet loafs, I have grandma Ntina’s that I posted last year. Of course I made some tsoureki again this year, braided one this time. I braided my tsoureki with two designs: with 6 strands for largers tsoureki and a more playfull and slightly easier braid with 2 strands for smaller tsoureki or for large and round tsoureki. Continue reading

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savoury cake

with sundried tomatoes, olives and feta


Cake, here is a word to make you stop on your heels and go grab a slice. Worry not, this is not a devilish chocolate one. It is filled with delicacies from across the Med: sundried tomatoes, dark Kalamata olives and crumbled feta cheese. Continue reading Facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramby feather