Imam bayildi, in love with aubergines

Whether you love aubergines or look at them suspiciously, this one dish will change the way you look at them for ever. In essence, it is aubergines simmered in olive oil and a lavish tomato sauce sweetened with hints of baked garlic and parsley. It collects all the summer goodness and it is perfectly paired with feta cheese. It will certainly make you crave for more.

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The Athens Underground Comes Alive at Night

And the soundtrack is revolutionary

7odd_album releaseparty

I was out with friends yesterday evening, stalking the backstreets of Athens in a neighbourhood I barely remembered existed; a little way from Omonoia square, etched by narrow streets, lined with tower blocks and just around the corner from Athens’ main food market, Varvakeios.
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Do you cook to music at all? I very often leave the radio on to hum in the background and catch a couple of notes in between the sizzling and bubbling, although I am a notoriously bad singer.

Writing about ntolmadakia, soutzoukakia, youvarlakia and the refugees from Asia Minor for my previous posts, I remembered rebetiko, the music they brought with them. You are perhaps mildly acquainted with some of the songs, as they are often the soundtrack to your meals in little tavernas all over Greece and elsewhere.

Taximi, illustration by A. Fasianos for the book 'Rebetika tragoudia' by Elias Petropoulos

Taximi, illustration by A. Fasianos for the book ‘Rebetika tragoudia’ by Elias Petropoulos

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