A bird from elsewhere

Do you know how turkey came by its name? A New World bird with a Middle-Eastern moniker, I found it a little odd. Well, I was itching with curiosity and stumbled upon a very entertaining blogpost in Greek by Nikos Sarantakos. A fellow linguist who has followed the bird around traces a very interesting linguistic footprint.

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National day, national food

Here in Greece the 28th of October commemorates WWII. Surprisingly enough this date marks the beginning of the war, when a loud NO met the Italian ultimatum of surrender, rather than its end. Sentiment against the occupation was so strong the day was commemorated even during the war years. Nowadays, it is celebrated with a military march in Thessaloniki and many unofficial school parades.  It’s a celebration and a reminder of bad times never to return and the hope that no one will have to face the hardship of war.

More on the historical facts can be found here:

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