Carnival in Metaxourgeio

Carnival in Athens, pretty much in the Dionysian manner


Have I mentioned carnival? Yup it is carnival time and there are many celebrations around town.

Greek carnival is not sexy like in Rio or elegant like the Venetian. It is about making fun of everything, it’s about reversal of roles, with men dressing as women and the young as the old;  politics being ridiculed, imagination running wild, and depending on where you are, satyrs run around town celebrating pretty much in a Diosynian manner. So, it’s a time for mischief, dance and lots of confetti. If you are around expect to be teased and tease back!


Of course we go out and join the various parades. I think the one that stole everyone’s heart was the one in Metaxourgeio this year. Metaxourgeio is a very old neighbourhood of Athens, a little bit neglected but with a very special vibe. I think it’s fast becoming my favourite going out spot.


Here are some wonderful photos from last Sunday, courtesy of the friend Dimitris Polymenopoulos.

carnival002There was a lot of drumming

carnival06and a bit of chilling outcarnival13but mainly dancing on the streets!

carnival07_foodof course there were a few nibbles

carnivalHe probably had one too many!





carnival15Satyrs in action!carnival16

carnival04Dancing around the maypole!carnival17The king of the Carnival!

carnival05Dancing around the maypole until the evening!carnival001aBurning the king of the carnival…carnival001dand the king is dead! Dead along with all things evil, the legend says…

with lots of love from Athens!


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