Braised, spiced cauliflower, or Kounoupidi kapama

or Kounoupídi kokkinistó

braised cauliflower

So cauliflower, a love or hate affair? I plead guilty for avoiding this member of the brassica family as its odour is a bit… too strong, let’s say. But there is one wholesome way to enjoy and even love how your kitchen will smell: braised, spiced cauliflower. Or otherwise known in Greek as Kounoupídi kapamá. Fragrant cauliflower, the good way!

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Apple and red currant crumble

I have never tried a candied apple or a toffee apple. I’d always turn to take a fresh, crunchy bite out of the real thing. If I don’t bite away on a real apple, my absolute favourite is the baked sort. Some times with rums and raisins but when it comes to custard and crisp topping I can leave a bit of my heart with you. It’s called a crumble, apple and red currant crumble.

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