Kalógeros, an aubergine & beef bake from Naxos

and a few words on Naxian cuisine

It’s not that I like to boost about our food, but in Naxos you are guaranteed to find some of the best Greek food! Focus is on Naxos. I tried to limit the selection on 3 items, in vain, it’s three food groups instead. But rejoice, I made a Naxian special as well: Kalógeros Naxou

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Lavender semolina pudding, Layali Lobnan – nights of Lebanon

6 years of Eat Yourself Greek – who would have thought?

Once a year I think it’s a good time to have a round up and see what you have been up to. I’m naughty, I skipped one, but hey, there is no one judging and it’s a really good opportunity for celebration, I feel I need it more than ever: Layali Lubnan, lebanese nights for dessert! 

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Let’s have a tuna sandwich

Cool recipes for hot people

tuna sandwich @eatyourselfgreek

From the Earl of Sandwich fast forward to Metcalf’s empire, our desperate need for comfort food and the meagre 15 minutes of lunch break (even when working from home), are shouting out at us: give me a sandwich! I hereby present the best tuna sandwich filler you have ever tried! On sourdough obviously…

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Fried squid rings, calamarakia tiganita

taverna files

fried squid @eatyourselfgreek

We all feel a longing for the beach and calm sea breeze as temperatures start to climb up. Oh joy! To dive into Crystal clear blue waters, hear tiny waves splashing against the shore whilst you are enjoying the shade of vines or tamarisks trees sat at a small wooden taverna table with your toes still in the sand. This is summertime in Greece. One fried squid please!

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