Rosti, potato pancakes & sunny side up

Brunch edition

rosti @eatyourselfgreek

Where did brunch go? Many might be relieved from the absence of uber fancy egg dishes across the IG universe. Let’s face it, there is a certain amount of croques madames, and a stack of pancakes one can visually stomach at any one time. And whilst I do miss eggs benedict and a chef’s touch on the perfect hollandaise sauce, today I’m going for something more down to earth: swiss rosti, with a sunny side up egg.

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On Christópsomo traditions & a sourdough with fennel seeds & walnuts

Christópsomo, literary the Christ’s Bread in Greek, is a fragrant, festive loaf, a tale of abundant harvest shared on the Christmas table. From the islands to the highest mountain peaks of Greece, each region enjoys its own variation. Below I’m sharing my own, not very traditional Christópsomo, it’s a sourdough loaf with walnuts and fennel seeds.

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