Greek winter recipes, top 10 dishes to keep you warm

Heart warming food to beat cold weather

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We got snow in Athens! When snow comes in Athens is not without excitement. Seeing dreamy snowflakes drop is indeed a rare occurrence. For no matter how cold Athens can get in winter, snow rarely sets in. It’s time for heart-warming, cold weather food. A Greek winter food top 10 it is!


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1.       Trahanas, sweet or sour, with tomato or without. A forerunner to pasta, very similar to porridge it will certainly keep your tummy full and warm you up.

2.       Fasolada, our white bean soup, it’s our national food, as heart-warming as it gets.

3.       If you make too much fasolada turn it into mash! Sausage and mash! Because let’s face it, there is nothing better than a velvety, thick mash topped with a spicy sausage.

4.       Lamb fricase, not a soup in itself but the yummy broth is as  good as soup.

5.       Lentil soup, the Greek fakes is certainly one of my favourite dishes. I can smell the bayleaves already.

6.       Youvarlakia, the winter meatballs with an egg-lemony sauce, aka avgolemono.

7.       Humble chickpeas, the two ingredient soup and you can turn this into a great chickpea burger afterwards if you make too much.

8.       Fish soup, kakavia. Go to the fish monger, ask for the catch of the day, grab a few veggies and you are ready to go!

9.       Black-eyed beans stew with greens. Again we are entering the realm of my personal favourites. Very quick to make, too good not to enjoy a second helping.

10.   Youvetsi, put the stove on, a slow bake of beef in rich tomato sauce with pasta is all you need. Possibly Greek comfort food number 1.

I hope these ideas for wintery dishes will keep you warm and well nourished. It is definitely our of the most loved Greek winter dishes, but I am sure there are plenty more.  What is your favourite winter recipe? Let me know in the comments.

From snowy Athens with love,


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