Athens, I am back!

It’s been a wonderful 8 years away from home. I have to admit I never dreamed of coming back except to retire.

I try to remember myself when I left – hungry for the new, the different, with a sense of adventure and yearning to explore every corner of the globe. In the end, maybe I didn’t travel as wide and as far as I had hoped, but during my little time away I met so many amazing people from around the world; we shared a few drinks, some good food, and plenty of great times – as well as some that were not so great. It was all worth it, every last second.

So now I am back, but I am leaving behind many people who are very close to my heart. This blog is a little something dedicated to them, to help us stay in touch, and to keep alive the connections binding us together – the good food, and great times.

As I settle back into my old skin I hope to put a little structure into my culinary adventures, and to give you, my dear reader, a glimpse of real Greek culture here in Athens. For those who asked, you might find a few of the useful travel tips and information you were looking for. And I will definitely be sharing every recipe I come across, whether revisiting an old favourite or discovering something new out here in Greece.

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