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I am sure you cannot escape the news covering the Greek crisis. With a referendum looming over our heads and Greece being bossed by the European Central Bank, as the BBC put it, there is a lot of worry and rightly so. I will not repeat news you already know, instead I decided to have a guest do some speaking, Anastasia originally from Australia, now living in Thessaloniki. I believe her voice, like mine, represents public opinion much more than any of the news have presented so far. Please read on:

When I decided to stay in this country leaving behind another life, I did so because I fell in love, first with the country itself and then with my other half. Living here has not been an easy ride but never have I regretted that initial decision more so than in the last five years.
We lived a happy life with no excesses. We worked hard, raised our children and enjoyed the friendships we built over the years. In the last few years however we had the rug pulled out from under us, so to speak. Working hard was no longer enough so we increased our efforts but even that was not enough. Making small sacrifices for the good of the nation was not enough so we doubled the sacrifices we made. Over the past few years we have been wrung dry. We have no more to give but even that is not enough. So I have a question that has been niggling me in the last few months and it is directed to our creditors.

What don’t you see?

Is it the families living below the poverty line? Yes we are a proud nation and we will not grovel and complain, we look after each other. Those of us who are a little better off help with clothes, food and whatever else we can even though we too are struggling. Shall we stop so you can see better??

What don’t you see???

Is it our youth with university degrees and no possibility of employment? You see coffee shops full of young people drinking coffee but take a closer look. They drink the same coffee for hours and that coffee is a treat by their parents. Take an even closer look and you may notice that they rarely smile. Is that what youth is supposed to look like???

What don’t you see???

Is it the pensioners who have worked their whole lives and paid taxes (because excuse me for saying but it is not the working or middle classes who are able to evade their responsibilities so easily) who now have to pay for their doctor’s visits? who wait for the end of the day to go to the local markets because the prices go down? Who fear the very real possibility of going to hospital because they are not equipped or able to cater to the public any more???

What don’t you see???

Is it the ill who are no longer covered by their medical insurance and must pay extra to see their doctors or worse still be admitted into the barely functioning hospitals with a single nurse catering to the needs of sixty (a recent example seen with my own eyes) Hospitals lacking basic supplies like sheets, pillow cases, paracetemol and bandages??? Hospitals unable to pay for heating in the winter???

What don’t you see????

Is it the small businesses shutting down because the costs far exceed revenue? Small businesses that have been forced to pay taxes on money not gained yet, not worked for yet. Businesses have been forced to pay tax on the year they have worked and to pre-pay a tax for the following year not worked yet. Is that even constitutional????

What don’t you see???

Is it the increase in suicide rate???

So now let me tell you what I see.

I see a game of political chicken in progress. I see bullying of extreme proportions, at a time when anti-bullying campaigns are in the headlines. I see double standards as all nations have a debt to pay off but none have been punished in the way we have. I see a fabrication of stereotypes: Greeks the lazy tax evaders. I see people looking for a scape goat to point the finger at, punish and more importantly take the onus and the attention off themselves for their own inadequacies, insecurities and maybe even crimes.

….and what I think.

I think the scape goat has been found but it refuses to conform to its job description. I think we are being kicked while we are down, an action reprehensible in any other circumstance and we are being misled by politicians and journalists alike. Everyone has their own agenda. The final decision is ours but even that has been reduced to a cut and dried, black and white choice which it isn’t. How it will be worded on the referendum is crucial but I feel that I speak for the majority when I say:
YES to Europe, the Euro, the Eurozone BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT to any more austerity. We have been bled dry. There is no more to give and there is no more desire to try. We tried HARD for five years and things did not improve but worsened.

So, something else you don’t see is that this experiment has been a failure. The guinea pig is dead!
Find another way, another solution!!!!

Anastasia M.

PS: I haven’t forgotten the Pavlova, Anastasia! It’s on its way 🙂




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3 thoughts on “Another solution for Greece please

  1. Cheryl "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser says:

    Very moving…Will they see? I hope so. Greece will prevail. I won’t get into politics here in USA with families, small businesses, food costs, etc. USA will continue on as will Greece, I know this in my heart of hearts. Love from USA Your Greek Friend, Cheryl. X

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