Linguini alle vongole, clams pasta

The nicest collaborations sometimes come out of the blue. Being in London for the past few weeks, I have been catching up with good old friends and taking the opportunity to make new ones as well. I met Noemi, a London based photographer from Sicily, we immersed ourselves in the world of our common passion […]

Pumpkin, brie and sage pasta

loving the autumn veg I am back in Athens! It’s been a wonderful break. So many strolls, so many people to see, so little time to do everything. Of course I had a good break from cooking, too. I returned to an empty fridge and I was greeted by a lonely beer, it was high […]

Trahanas, almost like pasta

Winter has kicked in for good and Siberian winds are sweeping Athens and Northern Greece is covered with snow. It’s cold, the kind of cold that penetrates all layers of clothing and leaves you numb. Only a hearty and quick soup can fix this, so trahanas it is. by