Octopus with macaroni

If you like seafood you have probably explored many different dishes. I used to get some really funny looks when asking for octopus at fish counters back in the UK. Maybe tentacles wake up lovecraftian horrors in people’s minds. But nothing could deter me when I thought of octopus with macaroni! There’s no reason to […]

Ypovrechio and quiet afternoons

4 years of Eat Yourself Greek Oh, my! Where have these four years gone? Certainly not down the drain, I have been quite busy of late. There is a sweet treat waiting for you, a pure white spoonful of goodness: ypovrechio, a submarine. And yes you can make it yourself, at home.  by

The Best Modern Greek restaurants in London

Here I am again, writing from London. Spending a little longer than usual, it allowed me to explore the great food scene. London has amazing tasty nooks and corners where you can indulge yourselves in International cuisine. Greek restaurants in London rarely made it in the top of the list go to places. Luckily, this […]

Bakalo and Cycladic cheese dumplings

a restaurant full of Aegean flavours Hiding in plain sight in the winding streets of Mykonos chora, at Lakka, there is a small house with a well at the front yard. The well is still active, an old lady comes to get bucket loads of water for her potted flowers two houses down the street. […]