Octopus with macaroni

octopus with macaroni

If you like seafood you have probably explored many different dishes. I used to get some really funny looks when asking for octopus at fish counters back in the UK. Maybe tentacles wake up lovecraftian horrors in people’s minds. But nothing could deter me when I thought of octopus with macaroni! There’s no reason to fear octopus, their tentacles are mouth-wateringly fleshy and tender when cooked properly. Continue reading

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Stuffed squid in the pot

Greece is a paradise for fish and sea-food. Personally, I will be forever divided between kalamari (squid), octopus and prawns – not to mention the smaller delicacies like clams, scallops and even… sea-urchins! We love our kalamari fried, but honestly this is more of a tavern specialty, perfect to enjoy with a glass of ouzo on a sunny day. At home it’s a different story. We relish squid and make it go a long way with a stew.
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Clean Monday, Kathari Deutera, taramasalata and ouzo

octopus Kathari Deutera, or Clean Monday, marks the start of Lent prior to Greek Orthodox Easter and it could well be our national day for picnics & kite-flying. It’s also a tradition to feast on seafood like taramasalata, octopus, calamari and other delicious vegetarian and shellfish treats. Continue reading

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