Tiropitakia, mini cheese pies

tiropitakia @eatyourselfgreek

Samosas are a lovely treat, there is hardly a time I  visit an Indian restaurant without ordering some. I am so used having them fried, I was pleasantly surprised when I found the baked beetroot and feta samosas on Chilli and mint. And guess what, these tiny treats are very popular in Greece, especially baked but they are known under a different name: tiropitakia, first comes the name of the filling and then –pitakia for tiny pies. They are so commonplace, from bakery to Sunday lunch, I had almost forgotten about them. Continue reading

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Eggpie, with homemade pastry by a pro

I bet you enjoy a slice of pie. It’s probably the number one comfort food, with silky smooth dough gently wrapping your filling of choice – the combinations are endless, pleasure unlimited! Pies enjoy a very special place amongst Greek cooking. They are the unsung heroes, always on the table, always discreet and extremely satisfying.


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