A bird from elsewhere

Do you know how turkey came by its name? A New World bird with a Middle-Eastern moniker, I found it a little odd. Well, I was itching with curiosity and stumbled upon a very entertaining blogpost in Greek by Nikos Sarantakos. A fellow linguist who has followed the bird around traces a very interesting linguistic footprint.

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Greek roast chicken in England

So what did I do whilst in London? Walked a lot, drank a little and enjoyed a jolly good time with friends and family, it felt a bit like celebrating Christmas only a month early. The festive season has definitely arrived back in England, from every shop window to the last pub, the place is dripping in Christmas decorations and lights. It’s very early indeed, but I won’t complain, it’s fun to get carried away with the fireworks, street lights and celebrations. Especially when nothing of the sort is happening yet back in Greece.

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