chocolate rocks

the easiest chocolates you will ever make

chocolate rocks @eatyourselfgreek

Hardly a soul on earth has been offered chocolate and said meh. You might like it thick and runny as in chocolate lava cakes and rich brownies, flavouring fluffy sponges paired with cream and fruit or the plain old chocolate bar to give you that energy boost. Now how about crunchy chocolate rocks? Nuts and chocolate, a combination to fall in love with. It is the easiest chocolate you will ever make. Continue reading

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Tangerine truffles

for the love of citrus fruit

tangerine truffles

I love citrus fruit, for their uplifting aroma as much as their rich vitamin C content, but most of all, for making my food so much tastier. I use the orange and lemon juice in meat marinades prior to roasting and in salad dressings alike. I love nibbling on little wedges of fruit, be it orange, grapefruit or tangerine. And what do you do with all the peel? Well, you could make tangerine truffles! Continue reading

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An easy bake day at Loulis mills


There are a few things one can love more than freshly baked bread and that would be muffins! I had the pleasure to visit Loulis mills, see flour transforming from grain to muffin and celebrate the launch of a very cool range of products: easy bake, a selection of small, colourful packs that contain yumminess made in minutes. Continue reading

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Pasteli, sesame candies, the energy bar of the Gods


Do you like sesame? Normally we get discreet tastes of it on bread or burger buns. You might be using its oil on salads or scooping up dollops of houmous on pita bread for its distinct flavour. In Greece we are very well acquainted with the humble sesame seed and we have a very soft spot for golden sweet honey. We use them both to make pasteli and this preparation is so old, it is only fair to call them the energy bars of the Gods. Continue reading

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Walnut cake, the Greek way – karidopita

A very juicy walnut cakekaridopita

When it comes to Greek names Michalis, Mike comes just after Yannis, Nikos and Kostas in popularity. Last Sunday was a big name day – one third of Greece must have been celebrating their Michaels and Michaelas. I was celebrating a very special Michalis too, my dad, and he has a a special request, karidopita, Greek walnut cake with syrup! Continue reading

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Leek pie and kourkoubinia

Smart ways to make your ingredients go a long way


Still on food blogging competition mode and all I think about is re-using. Last week I re-used my chickpea soup into chickpea burger, I had a few onions cooked into a sharp chutney and made my materials go a little further. This week, it is all about the pie and a bit of dessert, well, from leftovers fillo pastry. Making your ingredients go a long way, have something savoury and something sweet.  Continue reading

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Peach & mastic pavlova for Anastasia

syntagma 03 July 2015

I am sure you have seen the news, IMF admitted to the damage austerity has caused. A little too late I might add, but then again better late than never. What is more worrying is that Europe tried to block this report from coming out. Regardless, the referendum is still going ahead. We are all very fidgety and a little numb in wait of Sunday. So many opinions have been expressed, over yes and over no. Hopefully something good will come out of it. Continue reading

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Between Schylla and Charybdis

It puts a smile on my face, no matter what is going on over here, the #parthenon will always be standing

Μια φωτογραφία που δημοσίευσε ο χρήστης Eugenia (@eatyourselfgreek) στις

So it is going mental in the news here and abroad. I bet you are a little tired of it. Me for a thing, I am pretty fed up.

Continue reading

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Say cheese, the best of Greek cheese

Greek cheese

Did you notice I used 3 kinds of cheese in my mini cheese pies a while back? I am sure you have heard of feta and perhaps Greek gruyere, a mild yellow cheese. But this is the tip of the iceberg, Greeks are avid cheese lovers. According to 2011 statistics, the average Greek consumes 23.4 kg of cheese per year and of course one quarter of that is feta. But feta really is just the beginning. You are guaranteed to find something unique whichever part of Greece you visit – we have approximately 64 different types and we sport 21 cheeses with Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO).

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