My 10 favourite ethnic cuisines in Athens

      by Anna Paparizou,

A good reason to travel – for me and many other people – is to try regional cuisine. That’s why I got myself to Mexico, I visited Italy twice and I revisit Turkey again and again: I love their cuisine! When I don’t travel, I enjoy dining in Athens. Just like any old metropolis, Athens loves good food and it works like a meeting point for foreigners from all over the globe – people who keep the memories of their country alive through taste and recipes. Continue reading

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An easy bake day at Loulis mills


There are a few things one can love more than freshly baked bread and that would be muffins! I had the pleasure to visit Loulis mills, see flour transforming from grain to muffin and celebrate the launch of a very cool range of products: easy bake, a selection of small, colourful packs that contain yumminess made in minutes. Continue reading

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Vima Gourmet Food blog awards – I am in!

Vima foodblog awards 2015

You have perhaps noticed a bit of upheaval in my social media lately. There is a competition, quite a big one! It’s the first food blog awards organised in Greece. The initiative and organisation of this competition is taken up by the creative team in Vima Gourmet, one of the most popular food magazines in Greece. Continue reading

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Greek pockets of London

Greekpockets of LondonIt probably seems as if a black whole swallowed me the past few days, it didn’t. I just took a little break and visited the old home, London that is. I was lucky enough to get a spell of nice weather and enjoy the outdoors. My visit was not as long as I would have liked it to be, but certainly very well spent. And it brought to mind, I have never made any mention of the Greekiness of London. Continue reading

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Market musing

 I’m delighted that Eugenia has invited me to write a guest blog to share an insight into my life in Kritsa, a village in the east of the Greek island of Crete.

Together with my husband, Alan, I enjoy life ‘at home’ in Kritsa, a traditional village on the Greek island of Crete for several months each year. We vary the times of the year that we visit, and the length of our stay to enjoy different seasons, festivals, and events. We love to explore the area, sometimes via our small 4×4, but more often by walking in the mountains, over plateaus and through gorges. If we are in Crete during the height of summer, most days include a few hours on one of the many beaches. Continue reading

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All hail Greek cuisine (except the ‘icky’ bits)

I love my food. More to the point, I love good food made from fresh ingredients thrown together with a dash of Mediterranean flair. I love food prepared with care and passion. I love a dish loaded with vibrant flavours and even more vibrant colours. Little wonder my first year in Greece was marked by an extra ten kilos, in part thanks to kindly new friends and their little (and not so little) plates of hospitality. Continue reading

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My top 10 of Greek dishes

Courgette flowersI grew up with Greek tastes and smells, savouring simple grills, crunchy greens, lemony stews, milky puddings and had cinnamon tickling my taste buds. When you grow up with something, you tend to cherish it. But when you visit a place how much can you really discover? I made a top 10 of some perhaps not too well-known Greek dishes. Continue reading

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Imam bayildi, in love with aubergines

imam bayildi

Whether you love aubergines or look at them suspiciously, this one dish will change the way you look at them for ever. In essence, it is aubergines simmered in olive oil and a lavish tomato sauce sweetened with hints of baked garlic and parsley. It collects all the summer goodness and it is perfectly paired with feta cheese. It will certainly make you crave for more. Continue reading

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Top 10 souvenirs from Greece, foodies only

top 10 Greek productsDo you have the habit of bringing a little souvenir back home from your holiday? I certainly do, normally something small, easy to carry and full of flavour. Now, I can imagine you coming to Greece, lazing on that sun-bed with a book at hand, enjoying the sea breeze and savouring amazing food. There is nothing better than taking back home a bit of this flavour along with your holiday snaps. Continue reading

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